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You'll find Exercises, Tools & Structures that have been created to help people better understand & navigate through the challenging things in life. ​

If you would like to have a deeper understanding on how to use these resources or desire coaching in specific areas you can arrange a 30-minute zoom call with Filimon.

This thought-provoking poster is designed for young men that are dissatisfied with their life & have found themselves at a crossroads.

The first page of this resource visually illustrates the decision of taking the path that consumes VS choosing the path of transformation.The second page is a template where you can fill in how each of these paths would look for you.

Recognising the power held within our words comes from understanding their meanings. This awareness enables us to harness their impact & make intentional use of language.This resource highlights the powerful distinction between choice & decide.

In traditional education, typically only two types of intelligence are celebrated, those being linguistic & logical-mathematical, neglecting the diverse range of other intelligences that individuals possess. This resource serves as a tool to help you uncover the various other types of intelligence you may have.

The Reverse Onion Resolution Tool is a 4-Step process that can help you navigate through a difficult conversation. It shines light on how interpretations are formed & outlines how to have the conversation, listen & reach a shared understanding.

These 5 questions aim to simplify life.Once you understand the basics & the core of what you need, creating your first few steps become really apparent. This allows you to get the ball rolling & begin creating what it is you want!

This resource guides you through changing your thoughts so you can create your desired outcomes rather than continuing to repeat the same dissatisfaction in life.

Based of the teachings of Ontology, this 9-page document details all the steps necessary for having different types of important conversations.

This structure guides you through a process to help you clearly understand what Action you need to take from an Ontological approach.

This resource explores how the meaning we give to events, creates the stories we tell ourselves. These stories trigger emotions that make us feel negative & when they aren't fully processed the emotions can develop into a Mood. The three most common Moods that can transpire are Resentment, Resignation & Anxiety, all of which significantly impact our quality of life.

Use these four questions to help you gain clarity & map out your future trajectory. This is your invitation to explore, evolve & unleash your true potential.

The purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking BIG.

It also creates patterns and a better understanding of why we think they way we think, & how we connect external ‘happenings’ to internal

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